Erdinger - Alkoholfrei - Bottle

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Erdinger - Alkoholfrei
German Alcohol Free Wheat Beer
Erdinger Weissbier low-alcohol is an incredibly refreshing beer that is low in calories and contains all the B group vitamins. A pure wheat beer taste with an alcohol content of less than 0.5% Well bubbled yeasty cloudiness upon which sits a massive, glass-filling crown. This really is a great looking head. It's still large after several minutes and is impressively creamy. It's even stable as it deflates and deposits a good amount of lace in clear foam circles. Erdinger Hefe- Weizen Alkoholfrei's appearance is indistinguishable from the great Here-Weizen's containing alcohol. The nose is a soft wheat with hints of baking bread and clove. Unlike most non alcoholic pale lagers and the occasional non alcoholic amber lager. this Hefe-Weizen is the best choice having a special strain of yeast that provides the zesty flavour that all other non alcoholic beers lack. The mouth feel is light-medium and wheaty smooth with a perfect blend of carbonation.
0.5% ABV